d!nk has empowered thousands of sales people to bring the most effective sales pitch to prospects and customers. Based on the data captured from the sales interactions, sales tools and processes are continuously improved. The integration of d!nk with CRM unlocks a world of possibilities to bring the sales process and customer interactions to a next level of Sales Excellence.

Integrating the data captured during the sales interaction with the customer information available in the enterprise gives insight in the effectiveness of the full sales process, from lead generation to deal closing and account management.

The d!nk integration with enterprise information systems like CRM, ERP or BI is achieved with the d!nk CRM Connector, a stand-alone module that integrates the d!nk sales interaction applications with the business flows of the enterprise.

Less time spent on administrative work

  • Write visit reports and fill out customer data with the CRM Connector.
  • Save sales time of your sales people
  • Spend more time on your customers

Receive measurable information

  • Retrieve analytics of sales processes and sales success
  • Unlock potential of good forecasting
  • Understand customer insights

Develop highly tailored sales tools

  • Add true value to sales interactions
  • Unlock a customized sales experience
  • Create new sales operations app integrated with CRM Connector



From Sales Effectiveness to Sales Excellence - The power of integrating d!nk with your CRM