Medical device companies typically focus on their competition when they are vying for new business. However, the competition is typically a secondary challenge to getting the prospect to change what they currently are doing or switch from the solution they have. The responsibility rests with the medical device company to properly train their sales and distribution team to show prospects something they don’t know, or something they should be aware of, in order to do their jobs more effectively. 

Channel Efficiency on-the-go

Instant delivery of up to date product marketing content to your sales and distribution channel, available on any device and in real-time

  • Reduce time spreading (updated) content to your sales and distribution channel 
  • Cost effective content management 
  • No more outdated materials 

Avoid costly pricing mistakes

Push your updated price lists to your sales channel instantly & avoid price erosion caused by quoting errors

  • Correct quoting throughout your channel to avoid price errosion
  • Cost effective content management
  • Reduce distribution customer service time

Know who is ready to sell

Accelerate the learning curve by delivering sales training in a format that's highly effective

  • Faster ramp-up time for your distributor's sales force
  • Real-time access to the outcomes of sales training. Who is ready to sell and who needs more education?
  • Learning that works, delivered in a format sales people love