Proactive private and wealth banks take advantage of the upcoming MiFID II regulation to transform the client interaction in the client acquisition phase from random discussions into a structured, guided client intake.

Relationship managers do not need to worry about out-of-profile investment proposals. Based on the centrally stored client's risk profile, only investments suitable and appropriate for the client risk profile are available during the client session.


MiFID has often been synonymous with tedious forms and questionnaires. The d!nk client intake app transforms the information gathering into a discussion about the personal ambitions, investment preferences and financial knowledge. Think of a stories instead of survey questions.

Instant risk profile

Based on algorithms taking into account suitability and appropriateness, the intake application will on-the-spot provide a risk profile and investment options.

Single client profile

The d!nk client intake app exchanges the client profile with the central, secured repository. The d!nk solution is pre-integrated with major CRM providers and KYC service providers, or can be integrated with in-house client information systems. The d!nk application optionally includes a secure client profile repository.  

Mifid compatible client intake