Effective salespeople are masters of a complex skillset. It takes technical expertise and fine-tuned people skills to translate product specs into persuasive value. Honing these skills takes years of practice. Meanwhile, your people have goals to hit this month.

L&D can help accelerate the learning curve by delivering sales training in a format that’s highly effective in a short amount of time. d!nk Sales Readiness provides quick, impactful learning that fits into the schedule of even the busiest salesperson. Here’s why your sales team needs d!nk Sales Readiness:

Speedy Onboarding

New sales employees need the info that will help them start selling quickly, and they don’t have a lot of time to spend in a classroom or reading lengthy training manuals. d!nk Sales Readiness allows for fast and smooth onboarding: associates inject themselves into the training wherever it’s most necessary, skipping or reviewing lessons no matter their skill level walking in the door.

Accurate data helps forecasting

Because d!nk Sales Readiness allows for built-in assessments by sales employees and observations by their managers, sales managers have real-time access to the skill levels and sales readiness of the team. They know who is ready to sell and who needs more education. This feedback makes for more effective coaching, and sales teams get the immediate support they need to do their best work.

Flexibility keeps everyone up

Scheduling training around the grueling hours of the sales floor can be difficult, and it’s hard to ensure perfect attendance. Because d!nk Sales Readiness is accessible on a variety of platforms, associates are able to access training when it fits into their busy lives–at home when they feel like it, or at their desk or in their pocket when they need it in the field.