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3 brand new features to make sales people even more effective





Sales people are on the road, disconnected from the action in the office. The Newsfeed keeps the sales force upto-date of important news and knowledge.
Forget the email sludge. Important sales news is right at your fingertips.

Improved  navigation

The app landingpage displays the entrypoints to start an engaging conversation with your customer: direct access to engaging, multi-level pitchbooks, key sales tools and overview of recently opened and new publications
The library of 2nd-level documents and sales tools is available in the familiar kiosks.

d!nk Account Hub: Go beyond the sales meeting

While engaging with prospects and customers during the sales meeting,  you set up an Account Hub containing jointly created sales information (benefit simulation, indicative offer,...) and other relevant sales documentation.
The d!nk Account Hub is the meeting point between your sales and your customers - driving the sale and maintaining the account relationship.


"Amazing app! d!nk will be the sales rep's best friend!"
- Anonymous customer



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